Why to hire Freelance Flutter Developer in Nepal?


Are you startup or small business but want to develop amazing Flutter App for your Company? Are you in dilemma whether to Hire Freelance Flutter Developer in Nepal or give projects to App Development Company in Nepal? Here are the reasons why you hire Freelancer for Flutter App Development:

Specialized skills and expertise

From Experienced Flutter developer you can expect specialized Skills and Domain Expertise. As of me, I am multi-domain specialist in Web Development(MERN), App Development(Flutter), SEO and Digital Marketing. You can find a perfect ONE MAN ARMY to complete your project from the experts.


When companies hire full-time employees, they are responsible for providing benefits. These usually include health insurance, paid time off and sick leave, which are all expenses that the company has to pay. Freelancers are free agents, not part of any company’s permanent staff, so the employer does not need to provide freelance workers with any benefits. So, you can get best price deal.

Work Any Time

Freelancer do not have time bound. They are hired for project so they will find best way to complete your Flutter App Development Projects Faster. They will complete your work on time and can work any time.

So, whenever you think of App Development Projects in Nepal always hire Freelancer Flutter Developer.

Why Kanchan Bhatta as Flutter Developer in Nepal?

From my experience of work in self projects (like Rideshare App, Ecommerce App, Room Finder App and Object Detection App) using Flutter, now I can write Standard, Readable, Bug Free code and provide deadline driven result with Agile Methodology. I have Strong knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android, and how to deal with different screen sizes. I Can publish mobile apps in Google Play or App Store.

Also, I have good understanding of the full mobile development life cycle, including automated testing and building. Write clear, maintainable and testable code – Animations, Material Design, Push Notifications etc.

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