17 Entrepreneurs Shared their way of Generating Startup Ideas

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or Wantapreneur – you must have googled “How to get startup ideas” once. How did I know? Because I was in the same phase years before. However, I didn’t get my answer on my first attempt of search. As there were not good articles on finding the startup idea ( still not ), I have curated and created the best ways to generate startup ideas. Before digging deep dive into ideas let me make sure that getting ideas for a startup is very easy.

In the verse, I talked with 17 entrepreneurs about how they found their ideas and did my own research on getting the ideas to work on. Here are 10 bulletproof ways to generate startup ideas that work in 2022.

10 Bulletproof Ways to Generate Startup Ideas

I know you are very excited about the list. If I just list down, you will just get ideas and leave ( and hence miss an important thing). Getting ideas will not be the big deal after this article. However, execution will be. So, after getting ideas comment below if you need an article on how to build a team, get 100% from them, and build the execution machine.

Let’s not waste the time and see the ideas to build startups.

Idea Generating Tip #1: Domain -> People -> Problem


One of the best ways to generate a startup Idea is to find what you are good at and what you love to do. Find a domain you want to work with. Let’s say Real Estate. Then go deep into people whom you want to serve Real Estate service. And visit the targeted people who are likely to work. You can find them in Facebook Groups, Real Estate events, etc. Spending time with them, and talking about their hardest thing will help to get some ideas to work on.

Startup Idea Generating Tip #2: Solve your own itch

This is the tip that you will find in every article mentioning how to generate startup ideas. And most of the entrepreneurs ( 9 of them ), have solved their own itch. You just need to ask a few questions to find your own itch – like is this better? can I do it better? or some headaches you faced? Or some problem you wished someone has solved. For ex: I was in search of influencers for ads. But I couldn’t find their contact. Hence, I build a platform for brands and influencers to connect.

Tip to Generate Startup Idea #3: JTBD ( Job To Be Done )

Any JTBD is an opportunity to get a startup idea. Any work you have to do is an opportunity. Check here if you can remove some difficulties and make it easier. For example: Influencers have to maintain their social media and they don’t have time right. You have the opportunity to create a business to handle their social media. If the job they are going now is made better then people will obviously use it. Think of Functional, Emotional, and Social Outcomes people see in any job.

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