Machine Learning Engineer in Nepal

Machine Learning in Nepal was hot topic in 2017’s. My interests in Math and Stats with programming background blew me with immense potential of Machine Learning. Hence, I dreamed to be Machine Learning Engineer in Nepal.

Machine Learning is the subset of Artificial Intelligence. Under ML(Machine Learning), I trained myself from various platforms like Coursera, YouTube. During these, I got hands-on skills in Computer Vision(CNN) and Natural Language Processing(RNN).

Here are some of my projects as Machine Learning Engineer in Nepal.

Machine Learning Project Object Detection in Mobile App using CNN

Snapchat like Facefilters

Eminem’s Rap Generation using LSTM (RNN)

Hire Me as Machine Learning Engineer in Nepal

My education in Computer Science has allowed me to attain a strong foundation of technical skills in Mathematics and Statistics. I read a ​ Deep Learning specialization course in Coursera and ​ Deep Learning in Keras at Udemy​ .

I can be sure I can fulfill your job requirements. Thus, this job opportunity will enhance my knowledge and I am sure to give 100% for the betterment of your company. Moreover, I have some SEO and Digital Marketing skills. I have completed projects like Sentiment Analysis, Chatbot and Snapchat Clones using Deep Learning. Have Hands-on Ideas on ANN, CNN, RNN, Boltzmann Machines, Autoencoder, GAN with variation and optimization techniques. I have worked on Web Frameworks like Flask, Django. I have good experience on using Machine Learning Frameworks as TensorFlow, Keras, Theano, Pytorch and Model Deployment.

I’m confident I can be a great addition to your company as a Machine Learning Engineer in Nepal, and I would love the opportunity to discuss the opportunity with you further. If you have any questions about my background, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at 9808738792 or

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