Flutter Developer in Nepal


As a Best Flutter Developer in Nepal, I must say “Flutter SDK is powerful cross-platform Google’s UI toolkit. So, We can make natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.”

I have built various TEST and Real Time Mobile Application in Flutter Framework. From my experience as Flutter Developer in Nepal and self projects (like Rideshare App, Ecommerce App, Room Finder App and Object Detection App), now I can write Standard, Readable, Bug Free code and provide deadline driven result with Agile Methodology. I have Strong knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android, and how to deal with different screen sizes. I Can publish mobile apps in Google Play or App Store. Also, I have good understanding of the full mobile development life cycle, including automated testing and building. Write clear, maintainable and testable code – Animations, Material Design, Push Notifications etc.

Hence, I can be great addition to your project to complete in time with optimized code!

How I build any Flutter App?

Building App is a Complete Process. Either it is a small project or Large one. I follow proper App Development Guidance. This how a Professional Flutter Developer builds any App in Nepal:

  1. Develop a Strategy of How Will be the App
  2. Defining Use Cases and Capturing Detailed Functional Requirement
  3. UI/UX
  4. Database and Workflow Designs
  5. Development(CODE)
  6. Minimal Viable Product(MVP)
  7. Testing
  8. Complete APP
  9. Support

Develop a Strategy of How Will be the App

The first process any Flutter Developer does is Develop a strategy for a App. Initially, I met with the client and understand his/her needs. Then I will develop proper strategy for how will I build this, how much it costs and how long will take. It is the first process of Flutter App Development where I will be understanding your need.

Defining USE Cases and Functional Requirement

Any Single Flutter App has many functions. As a Best Flutter Developer in Nepal, I personally define the use cases, process flow and functions of App and divide the app into functions. I or my team will work in each function and finally we integrate all the functions for rapid development and error free development of App.

UI/UX Design

Now, comes the part when you can see some App. UI/UX is challenging part which includes creating amazing User Interface and also easy. As Flutter is best for UI, every pixel of app can be used for better user Sentiments and Psychology. I can create user-inspiring designs which will be easy to use. UX Psychology plays a big part in a user’s experience with an application. By understanding how our designs are perceived, we can make adjustments so that the apps we create are more effective in achieving the goals of the user. We will show you the final UI and discuss with you for improvement.

Database and Workflow Design

The Next Work of Flutter Developer in Nepal is to make Database Design. It’s basically the part of Backend Development. I understand your App needs and APIS and hence work in order to make perfect database design. I will take care of giving minimal responsibility to each user using your app.


After defining the Database and defining how data flows, it’s about coding the logic. Here, I design the database structure and backend development using Dart(in which flutter framework is build). It’s about giving life and passing data with UI we designed before.

Minimal Viable Product

For Complete App it takes a long time. Hence, I will develop a beta version including the most-required featured of your App. This is MVP(Minimum Viable Product). It will have only those features which are most important to you and we will launch this feature to user and see their response for Agile Development.


Either it is MVP/Complete App, we have to test it. Our Testing Includes:

  • Usability testing– To make sure that the mobile app is easy to use and provides a satisfactory user experience to the customers
  • Compatibility testing– Testing of the application in different mobiles devices, browsers, screen sizes and OS versions according to the requirements.
  • Interface testing– Testing of menu options, buttons, bookmarks, history, settings, and navigation flow of the application.
  • Services testing– Testing the services of the application online and offline.
  • Low-level resource testing: Testing of memory usage, auto-deletion of temporary files, local database growing issues known as low-level resource testing.
  • Performance testing– Testing the performance of the application by changing the connection from 2G, 3G to WIFI, sharing the documents, battery consumption, etc.
  • Operational testing– Testing of backups and recovery plan if a battery goes down, or data loss while upgrading the application from a store.
  • Installation tests– Validation of the application by installing /uninstalling it on the devices.
  • Security Testing– Testing an application to validate if the information system protects data or not.

Submit App for Playstore and AppStore

After Complete App – we will now publish the App for global use. We will publish the App to Playstore and Appstore. We can also help you advertise your app with various App SEO, Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking Services in Nepal.

Flutter App Projects (with Code)

I have been practicing App Development with Flutter since 2018. Since then I have built various project for learning and for client. Here are links to some of the Flutter Projects:

Flutter with Sqflite Backend

App in Flutter with Django Backend

Flutter Blood Donor App

AI based Flutter + Machine Learning

Moreover these I have built E-commerce, Finance, Ride Share and Room Finder Apps!

Benefits of Using Flutter for App

Flutter is one of the best App Development Framework. We can built Android and IOS App with single codebase. We can design aww-inspiring designs using Flutter. And, it has very rich ecosystem. As it is backed by Google – it also has great future. Moreover, Flutter is best App Development Framework because:

  1. Fast Development
  2. Expressive and Flexible UI
  3. Native Performance
  4. Dart Language
  5. Important Flutter Tools