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"Helping you to achieve freedom of time and money. I will share my knowledge on Business Management, Marketing, Technology and some Vines!!"


Its Kanchan Things

Kanchan Bhatta is professionally a tech enthusiast interested in Business, Travel and Technology.

With intense desire of solving people’s problem and getting freedom of time and money, Kanchan has gathered good experience in the field of Business, Investment, Laws and Accounting of Nepal. In this website, he will be guiding you to achieve your dream of earning. And be successful entrepreneur of Nepal.

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Business Coach - Kanchan Bhatta

What we will Learn

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What You Will Find


Book Summary

I will be providing you the summary of various business books in Nepali through my YouTube channel.

Online Business Courses

I will be providing paid online courses in depth about particular domain of business.

Video Guides

I will be making various video blogs on doing business in Nepal and other topics of business.


I will also help potential startups in finding funds for starting and growing their business.

Book Delivery

We are starting a book delivery service if you are interested to read books.

Free Consultation

If you are just starting a business in Nepal and searching for someone to coach you.